While we do not set up shipping directly, we do provide a list of reliable shippers frequently used by our customers.


MEDELLIN is not liable for damages that occur during transit or for storage. All products are carefully inspected by our expert staff and are in perfect conditions prior to shipping. The carrier assumes all responsibility upon acceptance of products. All shipments should be opened and inspected immediately upon receipt. Claims for damages, shortages or overcharges should be placed ith the delivering carrier by the buyer or receiver of goods. It s the customer's responsibility to inspect all products upon receipt and file ANY and ALL claims with the carrier. 

FOB is often recommended for buyers because it offers greater control at a lower price. In most cases, the process looks like this: 

The seller loads the goods on the freight vessel of the buyers choice, the seller clears goods for export in their country, the freight hauler picks up and signs for the package, at which point the title of goods transfers to the buyer. The buyer is then responsible for insurance costs and risks associated with freight transport throughout the remaining duration of the transport.